Jay Mian Oliver

Cooks dim sum with deadly accuracy.


Jay Mian is a bumbling chef, whose ancestor was a great kung fu master. A great kung fu master with a broom, who spent all his days sweeping the temple stairs. That is to say, the most dangerous kind of kung fu master.

Somehow, Jay Mian inherited his powers. He never wanted to be a hero, and is in fact kind of a coward. But he cannot fight destiny. Now he cooks shrimp fried rice… with deadly accuracy.

Body 6
Mind 4
Soul 8


Health: 70
Energy Points: 12
Shock Value: 24
Initiative: +9

Unarmed: 9 attack, 21 damage.

Improvised Weapons: 9 attack, 27 damage. Range up to 20 m due to Far Shot.

Defense 9


Chop Chop!: Jay Mian has 4 points of Power Flux to put into improvised weapons.

Freshly Diced Dice: Jay Mian’s tie to ancient martial arts provide him with 2 re-rolls per session, or 4 in longer sessions. Or maybe it’s just dumb luck.

Noodle Soup of Immortality: Jay Mian is a skilled chef, and his food can bring relief to those who are injured and weary after too much kung fu. Jay Mian can prepare a meal for up to 5 people, which restores 20 HP. This requires about an hour or so to take effect.

Nose For Trouble Jay Mian has +2 to sensory rolls. He additionally has Sixth Sense (Kung Fu), allowing him to detect anyone with strong Kung Fu within 10 meters. He doesn’t know how strong, just that his ancestry calls to him to challenge this worthy opponent, and that his survival instincts tell him to run away.

Long Life Blessing: Jay Mian has Special Movement: Fast and Combat Technique: Lightning Reflexes.

Chef’s Discerning Palate: Jay Mian can smell food at up to 1km away. If he gets within one meter of a dish, he only needs to smell it to perfectly deduce the recipe.

Ancient Martial Arts: Jay Mian has Blind Fighting and Blind Shooting due to sheer dumb luck. He has, Deflection, Reflection, and Multiple Targets for exactly the same reason.

Features: Looks Harmless, Gourmand, Ancient Dim Sum Recipes. Features grant a +1 bonus when applicable, or a +3 bonus at the GM’s discretion.

SKILLS 20 pts.

Acrobatics (Accidental) 1/3
Area Knowledge (Restaurants) 1/1
Deception (He Went That Way) 1/2
Domestic Arts (Cooking) 5/5
Gaming (Video Games) 1/1
Persuasion (I’m Harmless!) 1/2
Sleight of Hand (Shinjitsu) 1/2
Sports (Bowling) 1/1
Street Sense (Street Vendors) 2/2
Visual Arts (Doodles) 1/1




Attributes points total: 130

Attack Combat Mastery 3/30
Defense Combat Mastery 3/30
Massive Damage (All) 1/10
Divine Relationship 2/8
Combat Techniques (Hardboiled, Blind Fighting, Blind Shooting, Deflection, Reflection, Multiple Targets, Lightning Reflexes, Far Shot) 8/16
Features: Looks Harmless, Gourmand, Ancient Dim Sum Recipes 3
Healing 2/7 (Restriction: Delayed -2, Targets 2, Environmental -1)
Heightened Awareness 2/4
Sixth Sense (Kung Fu) 1/2
Special Movement (Fast) 1/2
Supersense (Chef’s Discerning Palate) 3/6 //Allows detecting food up to 1km away, and analyzing food perfectly (learning the recipe) from 1m away, by smelling it.
Power Flux: Improvised Weapons 1/4 (Restriction: Environmental -1)

Weapon: Improvised Weaponry 3/6 (Restriction: Environmental -1, Range 1)
Secondary Weapon: Unarmed 2/2

Skills: 20 points total.

Jay Mian Oliver

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