A stylish street kid who's running from her past.


Sakura is the daughter and dangerously skilled heir of the Sashimi Zaibatsu. She was trained in forbidden martial arts at the hands of skilled masters, but was unwilling to take on the burden of being the heir to such a dangerous multinational ultra-rich crime syndicate. So she escaped, beating up hundreds of well-dressed gangsters in the process.

Sakura now lives on the street, as a ratty urchin with a surprisingly nice if eclectic fashion sense.

Body 6
Mind 6
Soul 6


Health: 70
Energy Points: 12
Shock Value: 24
Initiative: +6

Unarmed: 8 attack, 20 damage.
Outfit: 8 attack, 20 damage. +3 to grapple attempts, optionally deal 6 damage on grapple. -2 to enemy parry rolls (flexible sleeves). May relinquish sleeve to tangle opponent on successful hit.

Defense 7


Kung Fu Clothing: Sakura has mastered a strange fighting style based on manipulating her own clothes. Her odd-looking outfit is designed to assist in this. Sakura can unwrap her sleeves into long, weighted strips of cloth that she controls with perfect precision. Similar strips are wrapped around her legs, should she need more “ammunition”. This has several benefits.

Firstly, Sakura can pick up and even use things at a distance of up to three meters, with fine enough manipulation to press buttons (but not, say, send a text message). She can use her clothes to climb, swing, or even comfortably suspend herself from a lamp-post to sit on them. In effect, Sakura has four extra arms, one at each shoulder and one at each thigh while wearing her signature outfit. Each “arm” is three meters long. If forced to wear some other clothes, Sakura loses this benefit but retains near-telekinetic control over the outfit – whatever it is – which may have other benefits.

Sakura’s signature outfit is fitted with weights, and she can therefore deal damage with it as a chain weapon. She also enjoys a +3 bonus to all grapple attempts as long as she’s wearing anything long enough to wrap around a target. Sakura can sacrifice one sleeve or garment to tie people up if she wants; the target remains tangled until either they succeed at a difficulty 12 Body roll to escape, or someone deal at least 10 damage to the garment.

Finally, if she manages to catch someone with a sleeve, Sakura may deliver an immediate follow-up kick, dealing 6 damage.

Superstrength: Sakura was raised by some of the most brutal martial arts teachers in Japan, and she is ridiculously strong for a teenage girl. Sakura can shift items as heavy as one ton, and lift 100 kg overhead.

Combat Techniques: Sakura excels at dirty fighting, stunning her opponents and inflicting pain. In exchange for a -1 to her attack roll, the damage counts double for purpose of determining Shock. She moves unpredictably, and is harder than normal to shoot while moving. She has canny survival instincts and can defend against unexpected attacks at only a -3 penalty. She’s able to push her body and ignore pain; Sakura can automatically pass any Shock roll, but if she does, she suffers one-fifth of the damage suffered as additional damage.

Features: Well Dressed, Speed Dresser. Features grant a +1 bonus when applicable, or a +3 bonus at the GM’s discretion.

Organizational Ties: Sakura has left the Sashimi Zaibatsu, but she knows enough codes, secret handshakes, computer passwords, slang, and mannerisms to effectively pass for one of their operatives, should she wish to.

Iron Fortitude: Sakura is used to life on the street. She can go for three days without sleep or food before she starts suffering penalties.

Acrobatic: Sakura is incredibly acrobatic. She automatically succeeds on all rolls to retain her balance, and always lands on her feet if she falls. Furthermore, she runs twice as fast as a normal human and can move at full speed on all fours. Finally, she can use her long sleeves to swing between beams or poles.

SKILLS 51 pts.

Acrobatics (Swinging Maneuvers) 3/9
Animal Training (Rats) 1/2
Artisan (Sewing) 5/5
Climbing (Things Made of Cloth) 2/4
Cultural Arts (Fashion) 3/3
Disguise (Fashionably Weird) 3/6
Domestic Arts (Tea Ceremony) 1/1
Etiquette (Yakuza Princess) 1/1
Foreign Culture (Hong Kong) 1/1 //Sakura is Japanese
Gaming (Shell Games) 1/1
Languages (Cantonese) 1/1 //Sakura is Japanese
Military Sciences (Strike Teams) 1/2
Performing Arts (Dance) 3/3
Sleight of Hand (Humiliating Tricks) 3/6
Stealth (Streets) 2/4
Street Sense (Hipster Quarters) 2/2




Attributes total: 99 (including Item: Clothing)

Alternate Identity: Sashimi Sakura, the heir to the Zaibatsu 1/2
Combat Technique (Hardboiled; +10 Shock value, Dirty Fighting; -1 to attack, double damage for purpose of Shock, Survival Instincts; may roll defense while sleeping or unaware of attack, Dodge and Weave; increase the penalty for hitting with ranged attack while moving, Grim Resolve; optionally take 20% more damage, but be immune to shock, Combat Stealing; Take non-weapon item from opponent at -1, or -3 if securely fastened) 6/12
Features: Well Dressed, Speed Dresser 2
Melee Attack: Outfit 2/6
Melee Attack: Unarmed 2/6
Defense Combat Mastery 1/10
Organizational Ties (Sashimi Zaibatsu) 4/8 //Comment: As the heir to the Zaibatsu, Sakura would have Organizational Ties 10… but she ran away. Her score of 4 represents knowing enough of the culture to pose as someone important.
Extra Arms 3/6
Telekinesis (Cloth) 2/5 (Restriction: Worn Only -2, Shorter Range -1) //This Attribute represents Sakura’s ability to control her clothes, including extended sleeves, with supreme accuracy. She can reach up to 3 meters.
Special Defense (Lack of Sleep, Lack of Food) 2/4
Special Movement (Balance, Cat-Like, Fast, Light-Footed, Slithering, Swinging) 6/12
Superstrength 1/8
Tough 2/4

Weapon: Unarmed 2/4
Secondary Weapon: Clothes-Fu 1 (Weapon 0, Grapple 2, Tangle 2, Special Restriction: Wearing enough clothes -1)
Secondary Weapon: Follow-Up Kick 1 (1/2, Linked: Weaponized Clothing -1, Linked: Grapple-1)

Item: Weaponized Clothing 8 (Weapon level 2/4, Grapple 2, Flexible 2, Tangle 2, Concealed 1, Extra Arms 3/6)

Skills: 51 points.


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