Chop Chop!

The Triads hold the city in a vice grip, lorded over by the ancient Devil-Tiger Clan, using ancient spirit magic and modern high-tech inventions. Their boss, No Trouble Zhang, rules the Wan Chai neighborhood with a veritable army of gangsters, snake heads, black lotus drug dealers, and mystic spiritifage sages with animated tattoos and paper tigers that spring to life at the slightest provocation. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy reaching back centuries. Maybe the government is in on it, too.

But No Trouble Zhang is about to run into a lot of trouble, as an unlikely gathering of heroes occurs in a small restaurant, spurring big trouble. Tables will break. Guns will be fired. Kicks will be flown into faces of unwitting thugs. Deals will be struck. Deals will be broken, and probably a few noses as well. The restaurant will become the focal point of city-shaking, impossible conflicts between heroes whose kung fu is legend.

But first off, let’s all order something to eat.

Welcome to Dim Sum!

Dim Sum!

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