Donnie Lee

A dapper gentleman with no hidden guns probably.


Donnie Lee is an elegant and dapper plainclothes cop. He’s never seen without a fashionable outfit and his elegant sunglasses, which are actually high-tech spy equipment. His elegant overcoat is tailor-made to hide custom-made tricked-out pistols with chrome and ivory decorations. He’s actually a secret agent, working for the highest instance.

He knows kung fu. Also gun fu. He’s very good at both.


Body 6
Mind 7
Soul 5


Health: 55
Energy Points: 12
Shock Value: 21
Initiative: +9

Guns: 9 attack, or 8/8 if two attacks vs different targets, or 6/6 for two attacks vs against the same target. 21 damage, 33 vs. mooks.

Unarmed: 8 attack, or 7/7 if two attacks vs. different targets, or 5/5 for two attacks vs. the same target. 18 damage.

Defense 8, 9 vs. ranged. 2 Extra Defences. Can take up to 3 attacks/round without suffering Defense penalties.

Armor 6

See Under the Hood for details

Combat Techniques: Donnie suffers reduced penalties from movement and range when firing his guns. Donnie also reduces his penalty for aiming for specific body parts by 1 step (-1 becomes -0, -3 becomes -1, and -6 becomes -3), both with his fists and his guns. He has a special Two Weapons technique, which gives him a -1 to making two attacks directed at different enemies, and -3 to making two attacks directed at the same enemy. Finally, Donnie is able to identify all types of firearms at a glance, including relevant details like ammo capacity and manufacturer.

Features: Attractive, Polite. Features grant a +1 bonus when applicable, or a +3 bonus at the GM’s discretion.

Organizational Ties: Donnie is a secret agent, but he can pull out a police badge should he need to. This is mainly useful when handling civilians; if relevant it can apply up to a +4 bonus on social rolls. It also allows Donnie to boss around street cops if he needs to.

Gadget Shipment: Donnie can call for a shipment of gadgets from his superiors. Roll 2d6x10; it takes that many minutes for the gadgets to arrive. The gadgets can provide up to 4 Character Points worth of high-tech bonuses, plus an infinite number of Features (essentially any piece of ordinary equipment, like makeup kits, communicators, laptops, et cetera). Donnie can order enough gadgets for 5 people, including himself.

See Under the Hood for details.

Customized Guns: Donnie wields 2 customized firearms. Each is a Level 2 Weapon, with a maximum range of 100 meters. Since Donnie has the Far Shot Combat Technique, he takes no accuracy penalty within the first 50 meters and only a -1 penalty beyond that.
Accurate: They confer a +1 bonus to attack rolls.
Targeted (Mooks): Donnie’s guns deal an extra 12 damage against mooks. Having weak kung fu makes one surprisingly susceptible to being shot in the face.
Autofire: While the guns are semiautomatic, Donnie can unleash a storm of bullets giving the benefit of the Autofire Variable. Doing so is a single attack roll. Against a single enemy, for every 3 points above the target’s Defense, Donnie deals damage again, exactly as if he’d hit the enemy with an additional attack. Against multiple enemies, Donnie deals no extra damage and takes a -3 to his attack roll, but may apply this attack roll against up to 3 opponents. Using Autofire automatically spends all remaining ammo. Even though this uses both guns, it is treated mechanically as a single attack.
Special Ammo Rules: The guns run out of ammo on a natural roll of 2 or 3 or an attack roll; Donnie’s player can override this by spending 2 Energy Points.

High-Tech Sunglasses: Donnie’s high-tech sunglasses have a head-up display and Internet Access. They have telescopic vision up to 100 meters, nightvision up to 100 meters, X-Ray vision up to 10 meters toggled on and off with customizable depth. They furthermore allow Donnie to interface with any digital device by simply looking at it for more than 5 seconds, at which point the information is rerouted to Donnie’s glasses. By issuing a voice command, Donnie can bypass most normal computer security. Advanced systems require manual hacking. Finally, due to a quirky designer, Donnie’s glasses have a built-in DVD player, allowing him to watch DVDs just by looking at the disc.

Jamming Lighter: Donnie’s pocket lighter can be used to send a jamming signal, interfering with any digital device and scrambling the image. By default, this incurs a -3 penalty to detect Donnie and anyone near him using digital devices (Donnie’s own glasses override this). Donnie can also switch up the setting, which renders him and up to 4 other people completely invisible to all digital devices.

Bullet Proof Vest and Tie: Donnie’s vest provides 6 points of Armor against incoming attacks. Furthermore, his bulletproof tie is an effective grappling weapon that coils and twists on its own when used; it confers a +3 bonus to all grapple rolls, though as it doesn’t count as ‘unarmed’, Donnie is somewhat less effective at hitting with it. It’s also effective for tying up suspects.

Concealment Coat: Donnie’s coat makes his weapons and any other bulky items he stores in it perfectly invisible, so long as he can comfortably carry them with one hand. Even if the coat is searched, opponents take a -6 penalty to all rolls to find its hidden compartments (Default difficulty 12, or opposed by Donnie’s Sleight of Hand if he has time to prepare).

Subtle Shoes: Donnie’s shoes make him impossible to track, erasing all footprints. They furthermore are gyroscopically balanced so that he always lands on his feet, if she should fall from a great height. They do not protect him from slipping or being knocked on his ass.

SKILLS 35 pts

Acrobatics (While Firing Guns) 2/6
Burglary (Alarm Systems) 1/2
Climbing (With Equipment) 1/2
Computers (Futuristic Tech) 1/2
Demolitions (Defusing) 1/2
Driving (High-Speed Chases) 1/3
Electronics (Futuristic Tech) 1/2
Etiquette (Cool Under Pressure) 1/1
Gaming (Pai Gow Poker) 1/1
Interrogation (Interrogation Room) 1/2
Intimidation (Dirty Harry) 1/3
Law (Getting Away With Shit) 1/1
Police Sciences (Forensics) 1/1
Seduction (Looking Over Sunglasses) 2/4
Sleight of Hand (Guns) 1/2
Street Sense (Undercover) 1/1


Under the Hood


Items points total: 38

Customized Guns (2) (6 points each, 12 total) (Weapon 2/4, Range 2, Accurate 1, Autofire 3, Targeted (mooks) 3, Special Restriction: Unpredictable Ammo -2, Feature: Stylish)

Bullet Proof Vest and Tie (3 points) (Armor 3/6)

Jamming Lighter (5 points) (Sensory Block 1/2: Digital Detection. Invisibility: Digital Detection 1/6, Targets 2 (5 people))

Super Sunglasses (15 points) (Supersense: Nightvision 2/4 (100 m), X-Ray Vision 4/8 (10 m), Telescopic Sight 2/4 (100 m), Computer Scanning 3/12, Feature: HUD, Feature: Internet Access, Feature: Built-in DVD player)

Concealment Coat (1 point) (Concealment 2)

Subtle Shoes (2 points) (Special Movement: Untrackable, Cat-Like)

Attributes points total: 77

Combat Techniques 7/14 (Dead Eye, Far Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Precise Attack, Steady Hand, Two Weapons (Special), Weapons Encyclopedia, Hardboiled)

Dead Eye: Reduce ranged attack penalties against fast-moving targets.
Far Shot: Remove ranged attack penalties for medium range (20-50m) and reduce to -1 for long (50-100m) range.
Lightning Reflexes: +3 Initiative
Precise Attack: Reduce penalties for aiming at specific bodyparts/areas.
Steady Hand: Reduce ranged attack penalties from unsteady footing or rapid movement, such as while driving.
Special Two Weapons: Reduce penalties for fighting with two weapons, to -1 (different targets) or -3 (same target)
Weapons Encyclopedia: Automatically identify weapons.
Hardboiled: +10 Shock value.

Defense Combat Mastery 1/10

Ranged Defense 1/3

Extra Defences 2/10

Features (Attractive, Polite) 2

Massive Damage (Handguns) 1/4

Melee Attack (Unarmed) 2/6

Ranged Attack (Pistols) 2/6

Organizational Ties (Police) 4/8

Power Flux (Gadgets) 1/10 (Delayed -2, Targets 2)

Weapon: Unarmed 2/4

Skill points total: 35

Donnie Lee

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