Iron Shadow

Did his tattoos just move?


Iron Shadow is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, belonging to a strange and obscure cult tied to eldritch and forbidden forces. His tattoos wax and wane with arcane power, tied to the Chinese Zodiac and darker, forgotten things. His face is always obscured, and he tends to keep quiet. If he speaks, it’s certainly never of the mysterious powers that he’s mastered – but were he to speak of them, he would describe them as accursed, antediluvian, antique, blasphemous, cyclopean, beyond comprehension, daemonic, and eldritch.

Body 7
Mind 5
Soul 6


Health: 65 (75 in Tortoise stance)
Energy Points: 11
Shock Value: 23 (33 in Tortoise stance)
Initiative: 6 (9 in Dragon stance)

Single Unarmed Attack: 7 attack (9 in Tiger stance). 17 damage, 25 in Tiger stance.
Double Unarmed Attack (Tiger stance only): 8/8 at the same opponent, 6/6 at different opponents.
Staff/Spear/Jian/Dao: 7 attack. 22 damage.

Defense 7 (8 in Dragon stance).

Armor 0 (8 in Tortoise stance)


Judge Opponent: Iron Shadow can gauge the skill of any opponent, learning their current HP as a percentage of their total, whether they favor attack or defense, and how their stats compare to his own (higher or lower).

Divine Relationship: Iron Shadow’s ancestors guide him. Two times per session, Iron Shadow can re-roll any roll made. Botches (double 1s) cannot be rerolled, however.
In longer sessions, lasting more than 4 hours or so, you get 4 rerolls instead of 2.

Features: Mysterious, Moving Tattoos. Features grant a +1 bonus when applicable, or a +3 bonus at the GM’s discretion.

Mind Shield: Iron Shadow receives a +2 on rolls made to resist mental influence, such as mystic drugs or mind control. He also soaks 8 damage from psychic attacks.

Resistance: Iron Shadow receives a +2 on rolls made to resist poisons, diseases, and the like. He also soaks 8 damage from such sources.

Weaponized Tattoos: Iron Shadow can summon the Four Weapons using his tattoos: Dao (broadsword), gun (stick or staff), qiang (spear), and jian (straight sword). These weapons are not considered items, and they cannot be lended to others. In order to keep it simple, these four weapons have the same statistics, and differ only for stunting purposes.

Four Guardians Stance: Iron Shadow’s most powerful ability is his four Stances, based on the four Chinese Guardian animals. He may switch stance at the beginning of each action.



The Tiger stance is aggressive, straightforward, animalistic and deadly. It is best used unarmed. While in the Tiger stance, Iron Shadow receives the following benefits:

+2 to unarmed attack rolls.
+8 to unarmed damage.
Two Weapons: You may make two unarmed attacks, at -1 penalty if directed at the same opponent, or -3 if directed at different opponents.


The Phoenix stance is graceful, mobile and athletic. In this stance, Iron Shadow receives the following benefits:

Triple jumping distance
Triple movement speed
+2 to all Acrobatics rolls
Automatically succeed at rolls to keep your balance
Automatically succeed at rolls made to wall-jump
Slip Away: Free Acrobatics roll to change your position if an opponent misses you.
War Dancer: Ignore 1 “phantom attack” made by Mobs and Armies

The Dragon stance is patient, tactical, and observant. While in the Dragon Stance, Iron Shadow receives the following benefits:

+1 to all Defense rolls.
Improved Aim: +3 to attacks after taking the Aim action. Normally, this bonus is +1.
Guard Edge: After taking the Guard action, win ties as a defender. Normally, attackers win ties.
Lightning Reflexes: +3 to Initiative rolls (you must use Dragon Stance on your first action if you choose to use this)
Precise Critical: Instead of scoring double damage on a crit, you may choose to inflict a maneuver on the opponent, such as disarming, tripping, or bypassing armor.
Blind-Fighting: No penalty from fighting blind.


The Tortoise stance is tough, enduring and defensive, and almost immune to pain. While in the Tortoise stance, Iron Shadow receives the following benefits:

An Armor rating of 8 (Soak 8 physical damage)
+10 Shock Value
Immunity to continuing damage from bleeding and other effects
+6 to resist being tripped
10 extra Hit Points (Leaving the stance drops you 10 HP, and can knock you out)

SKILLS: 34 pts.

Acrobatics (Showing Off) 2/6
Climbing (Quietly) 3/6
Controlled Breathing (Keeping Calm) 3/3
Etiquette (Martial Arts Etiquette) 3/3
Intimidation (Mysterious Threats) 2/3
Medical (Chinese Medicine) 1/2
Occult (Eldritch Things) 3/3
Performing Arts (Prayer) 1/1
Stealth (Lurking) 2/4
Swimming (Calm, still waters) 1/1
Visual Arts (Calligraphy) 1/1
Wilderness Survival (Forests) 1/1




Attributes points total: 116

Attack Combat Mastery 1/10
Defense Combat Mastery 1/10
Combat Techniques (Hardboiled, Judge Opponent) 2/4
Divine Relationship 2/4 (Two rerolls)
Features: Mysterious, Moving Tattoos 2
Mind Shield 2/4
Resistance 2/4

Weapon (Armed) 3/6
Secondary Weapon (Unarmed) 2/2

Alternate Form (Tortoise) (2/18)

Armor 4/8
Combat Technique (Hardboiled, one extra level, +10 Shock) 1/2
Special Defense: Continuing (Immune to continuing damage) Trip, (Add 6 vs. trip attempts) 3/6
Tough 2/4

Alternate Form (Dragon) (2/18)

Defense Combat Mastery 1/10
Combat Techniques: (Improved Aim; +3 from Aim action, Guard Edge; win ties when Guarding; Lightning Reflexes; +3 to Initiative rolls, Precise Critical; inflict maneuver instead of extra damage on crit, Blind-Fighting; suffer no penalty from fighting invisible opponents) 5/10

Alternate Form (Tiger) (2/18)

Melee Attack (Unarmed) 2/6
Massive Damage (Unarmed) 3/12
Combat Technique: Two Weapons 1/2

Alternate Form (Phoenix) (2/18)

Jumping 1/2 (Triple the jumping distance)
Combat Techniques: (Slip Away; free Acrobatics roll to move when opponent misses,, War Dancer; ignore 1 “phantom” attack from Mobs) 2/4
Acrobatics 2/6
Special Movement: Balance, Fast x2, Wall-Bouncing 4/8

//Design notes: IF you want to give the weapons different statistics, replace Weapon (Armed) with Power Flux (Weapons) costing 5 points. Suggested bonuses:

Dao – increase damage
Jian – increase accuracy
Staff – increase defense
Spear – increase defense

Skills point total: 34

Iron Shadow

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